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JENGAN LLC has a range of light-duty compact construction equipment from HOPPT- Singapore. The products are manufactured on strict manufacturing standards and rigorous testing. HOPPT offers the best combination of usability, durability and cost. The range of products includes concrete vibrators, vibratory plate compactors, concrete cutters, power trowels and vibratory rollers.


In addition we offer a variety of vibratory shafts both twin claw type & direct pin from Rhino Power.

Vibratory Plate Compactor
CPT90B Hoppt manufactures plate compactor for use in small scale repair and maintenance of sand, gravel and asphalt at restricted areas.
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Powerful Function, Auto Moving with Easy Concrete Cutting
Hoppt concrete cutters are widely used in repair of concrete and road with asphalt finishing.
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Easy Operation Power Trowel With Adjustable Grinding Blade
TOL100G These Hoppt trowels are widely used in grinding at various concrete finishes.
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Vibratory Roller
ROL550 DK Hoppt offers single exciter double-drum vibratory roller robust and compact, the ROL550 is well suited to perform a wide range of soil and asphalt compaction applications.
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Concrete Vibrator & Shafts
38, 45 and 60 mm Shafts Hoppt concrete vibrators are equipped with Subaru Robin engines, The vibrators are offered in two categories the Pin type and the Twin Claw type with rotating turntable or fixed frame.
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Vibrator Shafts
38 and 45 mm Rhino Power provides to the construction industry a variety of vibratory shafts both Twin Claw & direct Pin types.
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