The history of JENGAN business dates back to the early nineteen-fifties when Dubai was emerging as a maritime trade centre of Middle East. In 1963, late Ibrahim Jengan started his business in Dubai.

The large-scale works on major infrastructure, initiated by the Emirates, reflected in JENGAN business also. Responding to the emergent market-demands, JENGAN re-oriented its business with a strategic switch-over to engineering goods: initially spare parts for engines; then portable engines, pump sets, generators and onto equipment for construction, agriculture/horticulture. Inter alia, the emphasis on quality & business ethics earned niche re-exports market for JENGAN in the MENA region.

Gradually JENGAN marked its presence in Oman, apart from branching out within UAE. The Year 2003, the 10th year of Mr. Abdulla Jengan at the helm, proved to be the watershed for JENGAN. The organization was subjected to a total revamp, based on authentic studies by reputed management consultants. The marketing activities were broadly divisionalized into three: Construction, Agriculture & Project Engineering Services.

It has been boom times for the UAE economy. In tune with the changing times around, JENGAN shed its image as a trader and emerged as an engineering solution provider in its chosen fields. All along, the organization stuck to the guiding principles of the founder: honest business practices and absolute quality in sales & services.

Milestones :

1963 Founding the business by Mr. Ibrahim Jengan

1972 Importing first lot of diesel engines

1981 Opening of 2nd Shop and Office in Dubai

1993 The demise of the founder

1994 Inauguration of the 1st service center in Dubai

1997 Start of operation in Oman

2002 Start of 1st production facility in Dubai

2009 Start of new assembly and manufacturing plant at Fujairah