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Durable Water Booster, Transfer and Centrifugal Pump Technology

Liquid circulation is a key aspect of building services, particularly in the areas of plumbing and drainage. The central component of this process is the pump, which facilitates the transfer of liquid from one area to another in a measured and mechanical manner. Jengan LLC provides a wide variety of industry-grade pumps to meet the requirements of building services today. Whether you need a way to transfer water to a steam boiler, or a pressure booster set fitted into key points of a plumbing system to improve pressure across an entire facility, we have the equipment to meet your needs.

A complete line of high quality pumps for a variety of applications

As an engineering products supplier, we offer a complete line of fluid pumping systems designed for building, domestic, industrial, and irrigation applications. Our product line includes but is not limited to the following:
  • centrifugal pump this technology makes use of rotational kinetic energy via an engine or an electric motor to facilitate the movement and transfer liquid; it is capable of servicing industrial-scale applications.
  • portable pumps portable pumps are designed for easy application and integration in facilities to enable in fire prevention and extinguishing.
  • water pressure booster pump set every water pressure booster pump set is designed by Jengan LLC to deliver the highest performance and improve flow in a facility.
  • water transfer pump our water transfer pump products can reliably transfer water from one location to another with incredible energy efficiency.
  • submersible water pump the submersible water pump can be submerged without succumbing to environmental pressure.


Full customer support from our team of experts and specialists

Our team comprises specialists who can provide extensive installation and maintenance support services, ensuring that your systems are kept in perfect running condition throughout their lifetime. By combining our team of highly professional experts with an extensive logistics network and best-in-class products, we deliver top-grade solutions that provide superior value for money to our customers.

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 BM Series

Horizontal Multistage Centrifugal Pumps
BM Series Biral offers high delivery and pressure hydraulic efficiency, minimum electricity consumption, very quiet operation and can be suitable for hot water
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 HP/HPC/HP-E/ HPC-E Series

High Pressure Vertical Multistage Centrifugal Pumps
HP/HPC/HP-E/ HPC-E Series Biral high-pressure centrifugal pumps, series HP, are multistage, vertical centrifugal pumps of modular design with opposite suction and pressure nozzles of the same nominal diameter and of inline design.
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 BNC/BNK Series

Close Coupled And End Suction Centrifugal Pumps
BNC/BNK Series Biral standard centrifugal pumps are single-stage centrifugal pumps of simple & strong design. Pump and motor are connected by a flexible coupling and are mounted on a common steel base plate.
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Birox/AN/SW/ FEX/FWX/FMX/ FSX Series

Waste Water Disposal Pumps And Accessories
Birox/AN/SW/ FEX/FWX/FMX/ FSX Series Biral presented since long it's Birox, AN, SW pump series for a waste water disposal which are the ideal for smaller domestic installation it can be used for mobile or stationary applications since it's ready for connection directly also it's suitable for contaminated water without aggressive additives.

FEX, FWX, FMX and FSX pump series for a sewage water it's a well balanced range of pumps with associated manhole systems easily installed with a highest efficiency and reliability.

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