The Agriculture Engineering Services Division (AES) is a new offshoot for more than 50 years commitment on the part of JENGAN LLC to contribute in the advancement of the agricultural sector of the region. The Division is committed to offer the customer, products that meet and exceed the standards of excellence and back it up with consultation and dedicated service.

The division has exclusive agencies of world-renowned manufacturers of agricultural machines and tools carefully selected.

Crop & Farm Spraying Equipment

High Quality Wheel Barrow Sprayer and Pump Equipment

When it comes to spraying JENGAN LLC has wide variety. First come Lu Shyong pumps, which are coupled, to Subaru Robin engines. These versatile high-pressure pumps are used in chemical spraying of gardens and vegetable crops; they are also very popular with the pest control industry.

Then comes Rhino Power wheel barrow sprayers with 100 & 200 liters tanks. These sprayers are ideal for farms, orchards & pest control.

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Lu Shyong Engine-Driven Power Sprayer Pump

Our Lu Shyong sprayers are perfect for use in agricultural applications as well in pest control outfits. We have two sprayer pump variations: LS-22 and LS-30. The LS-22 is a smaller, more lightweight version equipped with a smaller but equally effective 3.5 horsepower Subaru Robin engine. On the other hand, the LS-30 is the bigger, more powerful version, touting a 5 horsepower engine.
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Rhino specialised hoses, sprayer gun, and other accessories


Flexible, long lasting chemical resistant hoses from Rhino Power has been the choice for many farmers & pest control companies around the world. You can purchase these hoses in two sizes: 8.5 mm and 10 mm, both 45 metres in length. We also have other related accessories such as sprayer guns, connection adaptors and stands (metal base). Whether you are looking for industry-grade equipment for a high pressure washer or an agricultural pest-control disseminator, we can help.
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Durable, heavy duty wheel barrow sprayer options


Our Rhino Power sprayer variations are equipped with a Subaru Robin engine and an LS pump for consistently high performance. For added versatility, a hose reel can also be fitted, amongst other accessories, for maximum utility. This makes our Rhino Power sprayers suitable for pest control application or as a high pressure washer.
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Reliable and Efficient Farm Spraying Equipment

Hudson USA manufactures and supplies a high-quality line of sprayers for both consumer and professional markets. Hudson sprayers are used in agriculture, for community health, pest control, construction, maintenance and sanitation and for home lawns and gardens.

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Shoulder-Held Farm Spraying Equipment

6.5L 714311
8.5L 714411

Hudson Vim Sprayer is your smart choice for farm, home, garden and many other jobs. New efficient pump assures 15% faster job. The tank itself is made of high density PE virgin resins, making it very durable and resistant to sunlight, UV rays and O-zone. This means the tank will not suffer from cracking or weakening, even after prolonged exposure to the sun and the elements. The sprayer is also fitted with an all-vinyl hose that is highly resistant to everyday wear and tear as well as corrosion from extended exposure to chemicals. At a length of 4 feet, the hose allows for better reach, freedom of movement, and improved utility overall. For a more comfortable use, the sprayer is fitted with an adjustable strap, that can be shortened or extended per user preference.
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Durable and Reliable Sprayers for Farm Spraying and Beyond

10L 713402
Hudson’s Bugwiser sprayer a new remarkable stainless steel sprayer from Hudson has been designed by consumers and retailers with the most wanted features for quality and value. Completely resistant to common corrosive disinfectants, germicide, pesticide and herbicide. Excellent resistance to chemical solutions used in cleaning and maintenance industries.

For optimal use, the Bugwiser is fitted with a pressure relief valve that automatically releases pressure within the tank once it reaches 45 psi, thus making spraying safer. It can also be fitted with other farm spraying equipment, such as different nozzles and a deluxe kit with Viton parts for improved performance.

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Lightweight Hand-Held Sprayers

1.25L 69141


Planter Mist from Hudson designed for plant care and DIY (Do-It-Yourself) applications. Ideal for mist house plant and patio plant, foliar feed plants. This variation is perfect either for taking care of your plants at home or eliminating pesky pests such as ants and cockroaches. It takes very little space and is very handy, making it easy to carry around.
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A Comprehensive Range of Landscaping Tools and Equipment

We represent a comprehensive range of equipment and tools required at your farm and garden landscape. We begin with STIHL the pioneer and world leader in Chainsaws and landscape care machines. At JENGAN LLC we hold a full stock of multiple grade saws to address every conceived need. We also carry a full range of landscape care machines comprising of Hedge Trimmers, Brush Cutters, Mist Blowers, Air Blowers, Vacuum Shredders, Telescopic Trimmer & Pruners and Edger.

Spear & Jackson garden tools, which are made of the finest, English steel. These handheld tools offer the landscape professionals the opportunity to finish their jobs with high efficiency and ease.

In addition, we offer other machines like lawn mowers and ride on mowers.

Chain Saws

Light Compact Saws – The Equipment For Demanding Hobby Users

MS 170
MS 210

MS 250
There are plenty of benefits to choosing a compact chainsaw: it is relatively easier to handle, which makes work a lot easier. Coupled with the ergonomic design and the built-in safety features, STIHL compact cutting equipment are perfect for simple tasks such as shredding bushes and shrubs, or more complicated tasks such as cutting firewood.
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All-round Saws – Technical Equipment For Use Around The Home And Garden

MS 290
If you are looking for power in a handy and lightweight package, STIHL saws are perfect for you. They make ideal equipment in orchards, farms, and market gardens. This medium-duty piece of equipment combines all the same features of the compact versions, but with the added punch of a larger engine.
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Powerful saws for professionals – Equipment for the toughest demands

MS 440
MS 660
Dense stands and hard wood do not stand a chance against heavy duty saws from STIHL. To improve ease of use and safety, the powerful engine is coupled with a highly ergonomic design and state-of-the-art technology. These variants are equipped with decompression valves as well as the Elasto Start system for easy starting. Firing up a saw in bad weather can be a pain, but with a built-in electronic ignition system, this is no longer a problem. Additionally, an advanced filter system allows smooth operation despite long periods without cleaning.
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Powerful Brushcutters

Brushcutters & Clearing Saws – Landscaping Tools to Make The Work Easy In All Conditions

FS 85
FS 120
FS 250
For world-class landscaping tools and equipment that can conquer even the most difficult terrain, STIHL offers ride-on lawnmowers can go where other lawnmowers fear to tread. From trimming grass on lawns to mowing steep slopes, no lawnmower does it better than STIHL mowers. Combining high-performance engines with state-of-the-art features, STIHL bruchcutters and clearing saws can prove more than capable to get the job done.
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Engine Powered Hedge Trimmers

Hedge Trimmers – For A Quick & Clean Cut

HS 82
HS 87
Professional hedge trimmers and equipment from STIHL are the ideal companion for maintaining hedges in large states, parks, and landscapes. To improve mobility, these machines have dropped the use of cables, which can restrict movement. Furthermore, the highly durable design ensures high performance even against woody or thick hedges. With these landscaping tools, maintenance can be a breeze.
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Long Reach Hedge Trimmers – The new dimension in trimming hedges

HL 95
If you need a hedge trimmer that offers extended reach, the new STIHL hedge trimmer is the perfect choice for you. Essentially a trimmer mounted on the shaft of a brush cutter, this new product introduces a new level in landscaping tools and equipment. It can be used for shredding or sculpting long, tall, or wide hedges with relative ease. For better ease of use, it is also fitted with an adjustable carrier strap.
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Telescopic Pruners
Telescopic Pruners – Pruning At Great Heights
HT 75
No matter how high you aim, your feet remain firm on the ground when working with the telescopic pruners from STIHL. High branches are conveniently cut from ground level. The telescopic shaft of the model HT75 can cut off complete branches at heights up to 5 meters. That makes the work safer and also more cost-efficient. The telescopic pruners from STIHL soon pave their way, particularly in inaccessible areas, on difficult terrain or in tree service.
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Kombi Engine & Tools
The Powerful Basic Units – When Things Get Tougher
KM 85 R


STIHL the powerful Kombi System basic units are equipped with the Kombi Engine KM 85 and either the universal loop handle or a bike handle for a natural scything movement. The KM 85 is always ideal whenever things get tougher. Combined with the appropriate tool, it can master tough scrub, dense hedges and gnarled bushes.
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The Backpack Blowers – For Efficiently Clearing Large Areas
BR 420
Effectively and quickly clean up fallen leaves, cut up grass, and other wastes from large municipal areas and other landscapes with handy backpack blowers.
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Powerful Cleaning Machines and Equipment
BG 86 D
The laborious job of sweeping and raking is a thing of the past, thanks to these powerful cleaning machines from STIHL.
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Shredder ‘N’ Vacuum – Real All Rounder
SH 86 D
Do you need landscaping tools and equipment that do the trimming and the clean up all at once? STIHL offers vacuum shredders that can cut and shred grass and clean up fallen leaves at the same time. If you are into organic gardening, these shredders can compact the waste material to less than 10 per cent of its original volume, perfect for mulching and composting. Furthermore, add-ons and accessories can also transform this equipment into a powerful blower.
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Mist Bowlers – Systematic Crop Protection
SR 420 Powerful STIHL versatile machines: for spraying crop protection agents in fruit and vegetable gardens or vineyard, although they can also be used as blowers for cleaning jobs.
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Garden Engineering Tools
Spear and Jackson The Spear & Jackson “County” Cutting Tools. A wide range of garden cutting hand tools heavy duty, robust and are build to last.
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Electric & Petrol Lawnmower
ME 443 C
MB 248
MB 545

The Viking mowers are easy to handle, save energy and even demanding tasks can be performed easily thanks to numerous innovative functions.
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Hand Push Lawnmower
Rhino Power CJ22A
For reliable performance and high quality components in a lawn mower, look no where else. The CJ22A has been designed for the use of landscaping companies and professional users all around the world.
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Gasoline Engine Powered Ride On Mowers
Petrol Lawn Tractors & Ride On Mowers
MT 6112 C
MT 6112 ZL

The Viking ride on mowers & lawn tractors combines reliable quality and excellent innovative technology. This is demonstrated not only by an excellent cutting performance, but also in convincing functions and superior handling, providing a comfortable drive and easy operation.
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Dedicated to giving you the best of deal, JENGAN LLC, offers you continued after-sales support in terms of service, maintenance and repair of equipment. A large team of professional, qualified personal, who have been trained by our principal partners, attend to your every need -advising you on the use of the products you buy, helping you utilize them to the maximum and rushing to your aid in case of complaint.

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